Alcohol Test
Our alcohol test

Freedrive 2

The alcohol test without balloon,
Technological revolution.

  • A simplicity of use, unmatched to date
  • Remarkably compact
  • A total guarantee of hygiene and safety: mouthpiece, non-return valve
  • Environmentally friendly far ahead of the competition
  • Performances certified by the attribution of the NF mark
  • A concept guaranteeing an appropriate price

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FreeDrive Turdus

Why choose FREEDRIVE 2 ?

The single-use, non-balloon breathalyzer is available to all drivers. Are you fit to drive? This is the question that everyone should ask himself after a few drinks. Before taking to the wheel, simply blow into a FREEDRIVE breathalyzer and take responsibility for yourself. If the reagent turns green, hand over your car keys to someone who has not drunk, or remain where you are. If the reagent remains yellow, no problem, you may drive!

About us

Turdus, the future of the single-use alcohol test.

A world pioneer in the design of the alcohol test without balloon, Turdus relies on 25 years of experience, research and development to offer a range of innovative products, compliant with legislation, meeting the requirements of its customers.

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Route de Lozere
Turdus technology at the service of the French Road Safety organisation (Sécurité routière)

The authorised limit of blood alcohol content is 0.5 g /L equivalent to 0.25 mg per litre of exhaled air. Since 1 July 2015, the legal blood alcohol level is 0.2 g /L for young drivers.

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