NF Certification

NF Alcohol test Mark

Today more than ever, consumers and public and private buyers require proof. The NF certification satisfies this requirement, distinguishing itself amongst the various known logos and labels. By purchasing NF-certified alcohol tests, you are informed of the precise characteristics of the products you use.

Presentation of the certification

The NF certification provides clear evidence of the conformity of alcohol tests to the NF X 20-702 standard applicable to the chemical alcohol test category. This standard imposes very strict quality controls on the manufacturer throughout the manufacturing process.

This standard is supplemented by a certification reference system, defining additional applicable technical specifications, which reinforce the quality level of the products. All the requirements to be met are described in the NF227 certification (Part 2).

Turdus’s Freedrive 2 NF alcohol test

Based on its experience, Turdus in partnership with the National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing (LNE), has developed a new alcohol test meeting all the requirements of the NF X 20-702 standard and the NF Alcohol test mark.

With nearly 24 months of development, thousands of tests, and a strong partnership, Turdus has obtained the NF certification for its alcohol test without balloon, the Freedrive 2, a technological revolution.

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